the old are dying alone

When you have something to say, silence is a lie. And tyranny feeds on lies.’ Jordan B. Peterson

The old are dying alone.

Shut away from family, friends, pastors, anyone who could comfort their last hours of consciousness or advocate for their needs, anyone who could sing a favorite song, or read a Scripture that has been an anchor of hope.  They are shut away even from sunlight.  A desperately depressed nursing home resident told my sister last week that their facility had just disallowed its residents their 15 minutes a day outside.  Even the political prisoners in the Siberian Gulags were allowed visitors from time to time, even an embrace.  Even prisoners are allowed time outside.  These conditions which amount to human rights violations are enforced on our elderly in the name of ‘saving just one life.’

The young are suffering alone.

In the name of ‘saving just one life’ thousands of abused and neglected children have been entirely consigned to their abuser.  Thousands of small children have been left home to fend for themselves and one another, often without food.  The limited opportunities many had for academic advancement are much more severely limited.  Their opportunities for healthy effort and achievement in sports, band, debating society, etc. are gone.  The young are being silenced and their potential snuffed out.  Some of them are dying of suicide or of abuse.  Alone.

These are the conditions our society has embraced for our most vulnerable in the name of ‘saving just one life.’  These are the conditions our politicians have embraced in order to squabble with each other for dominance.

God, forgive us our societally self-righteous self-congratulatory, selfishly panicked aiding and abetting of the abuse, the starvation, the oppression and murder of the vulnerable.  Be with your creatures whom we’ve abandoned in their hardest hours or to their most desperate fears.

Give us courage to meet the disapproval of those who have nothing but platitudes and panic behind compulsory appearances of care, while they are content to be part of a colossal mechanism driven brutally and inhumanly over the voiceless old and young.

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