Now in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate there is a pool, called Beth-zatha in Hebrew, with five porches. Sprawled out there was a mass of invalids.

-John 5

‘John does not bring us into the Temple or the high-spirited crowd. For there were other places in Jerusalem where human desperation was visible and where people suffered with agonizing pain and with constantly broken and frustrated hopes.’ -Adolph Schlatter

‘The sprawling multitude of “invalids” there at Beth-zatha can remind readers both of the huge mass of need surrounding us in our cities and world, and of the secular world’s low opinion of the poor or of needy people (the single word “invalids” is a compound of an English negative preceding a noun-adjective: “in-valids”) … We may learn from this text afresh that Jesus particularly notices hurting people.’ -Frederick Dale Bruner

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