a book is born

Today an old friend sent me a photos of Autumn leaves through microlenses.  The red and green cells were shattered with so many anfractuous veins of light.  It reminded of Psalm 84, and how in our hearts we know the way home (‘Blessed is the human who finds strength in you — highways are in his heart’, v. 5).  I think our heart-maps must be a tangle of shattered colors and tortuous light-lines.

But this post is meant to announce that I have suddenly finished work on the Six Swans!  I wanted it be done in time for the release of the fairy tale retelling that is coming out with Propertius Press, but I enjoyed working with a more typical picture book size so much that the publisher kindly let me have another few months to put West of Moonlight, East of Dawn into a more traditional picture book format.  I wound up making this story as a free flipbook to ‘show my work’, instead of trying to push people to buy something.  I’d rather let words speak for themselves to whoever wants to hear them. We write for someone, and we write in faith that someone will hear — or I don’t see what we have to say to one another. 

The flipbook will eventually be featured on Story Warren when West of Moonlight is available for pre-order.  Meanwhile, here is a poem about coming out West.  (I feel honored to have a poem in this issue — I copied quite a maze of light-lines into my notebook to try to keep.)

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