because, truth (ii)

‘I think it it’s so awful that we have not spoken up and said that this is absolutely unacceptable. There are things worse than death. I think we’ve forgotten. They’re absolutely much worse than death, and loss of who we are as, as human beings is worse than death.’

Dr. Vinay Prasad, associate professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco, from ‘They Make Patients Die Alone. And We Let Them.’ here

“We have contact info, have texted, emailed, called, and even visited their last known address, and we can’t find them,” said Earl Pike, executive director of University Settlement, a Cleveland social service organization. “That’s so troubling.” …

… two efforts by California and Connecticut to aggressively track and report enrollment and attendance issues during the pandemic are highlighting how poor, disabled and minority students are disconnecting from school more than white and affluent students.

“These are the same students who lack the resources to help make up for learning time lost in the classroom.”

from ‘The Concerning Case of Cleveland’s No-Show Students: More than 8,000 Kids Are Missing From City’s Online Classes …’, here

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