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by Ruth Pitter, 1938 (the drawing is mine… practicing lions.) The heart shall not be satisfied Till all creatures hear its word: The lion’s love must be its pride, Its joy the friendship of a bird. It would be welcome in the lairs Of lynxes, and lie down with them, Would lean upon the sides […]


My relationship to gravity lately feels different. I’ve been reading War & Peace. I have some idea that Tolstoy must have been rather like Pierre: earnest, seeking, humble, receptive, eccentric – holding up different explanations to the light, trying, and discarding them. So the massive jumble of his character’s emotions and events, steadily crushing on […]

look; listen –

O give me before I dieThe grace to seeWith eternal, ultimate eyeThe Bird and the Tree. The song in the living green,The Tree and the Bird —O have they ever been seen,Ever been heard? -Ruth Pitter


Psalm 84 Blessed is the human who finds his strength in you: highways are in his heart. {← I like to read, ‘in his heart, he knows the way home.’} This is a large land spread underneath the placid oars of light, outrowing – the furthest range is faint and almost bodiless, just the remote […]


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