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love now

(The sketch is an imitation of what is maybe my favorite piece of fairy tale art, from Edmund Dulac’s illustrations of the Snow Queen. Dulac’s reindeer has more of a look of having its head pulled down, and being braced: details of line make such a difference. Hopefully, I am learning. I did make my […]

light shines 2 by Isabel Chenot

light shines in darkness

. . . being variations of candle art — I think these color versions are nicer than the colorless look I was trying originally. One of those was used here: Carry a Candle. (Story Warren also ran a piece with some spackle images lately, here: I live like an ancient cave-dweller surrounded with representations of […]

Somewhere a hill . . .

I haven’t seen the hills for far too long, but I saw the sun-slant down the blanched grass on the hills today. Here are the hills in weather. Tonight I found this draft in an old journal: The hills, estranged from me awhile, have striae from my birth, and almost verbal lenity for my exile […]

‘this timid life’

‘Life, after all, at its deepest, is a stretching out of faith and love to God into the dark.’ -Baron von Hügel ‘It will depend on our metaphysical beliefs whether we can regard the troubles of the present, and the uncertainties of the future, with the feelings of a mouse toward a cat, or of […]


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