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the broken glass door

I found an old ms, and an old drawing this morning — years old. And I know now what to do with this. From the first chapter of my next project … It was a seaside painting. In the very center, in front of the glimmering sea, some wide, curved steps came down to a […]

love now (color)

(being a very simplified imitation of Edmund Dulac’s illustration of Gerda kissing the reindeer & a favorite Tolstoy quote: I have this one as the lockscreen on my phone, so that whenever I check the time it reminds me to ‘love others now’.)


West of Moonlight, East of Dawn is now available for pre-order from Propertius!

light shines 2 by Isabel Chenot

light shines in darkness

. . . being variations of candle art — I think these color versions are nicer than the colorless look I was trying originally. One of those was used here: Carry a Candle. (Story Warren also ran a piece with some spackle images lately, here: I live like an ancient cave-dweller surrounded with representations of […]


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