I go on singing

By María Elena Walsh, ‘Como la cigarra’ was recorded by Philippe Jaroussky & Raquel Andueza, with Christina Pluhar & L’Arpeggiata. The lyrics are translated below.

So many times they killed me;
so many times I died,
nonetheless, here I am
I say grace for the disgrace
and the hand with a knife
because it killed me so ineptly
and I still sing.

I sing to the sun like the cicada
after a year under the earth,
like the survivor
returned from the war.

So many times they erased me;
so many, I disappeared;
to my own burial I went
alone and weeping.
I made a knot in my handkerchief,
but I forgot afterwards
that it was not the only time,
and I went on singing.

So many times they will kill you;
so many times you will revive.
However many nights you pass
in the hour of shipwreck
and of darkness
someone will rescue you
to go on singing.